• Pitching, the Art of not Striking Out Part 2

    In the last post, we talked about the art of pitching and how it can help you recognize the potential, and the pitfalls, of your current screenplay.  In this post, we’ll finish up this topic. Another way of using pitches is by

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  • Pitching, The Art of Not Striking Out

    Have you received more bad news about your screenplay, maybe it didn’t even place in yet another screenwriting contest.  The problem could be with your Pitching.  Wait a minute, the judges are supposed to be reading your

    October 8, 2015 • Screenwriting, Thought Processes • Views: 825

  • Finish Big and Leave Them Breathless

    The judge has made it to the very end of your screenplay.  For the past ninety or so pages, their focus has been on your script, your story.  This is your chance to wow them so that your place will be secured in the winner’s

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  • New Media – Part 2

    In a previous article about New Media, we discussed the different ways of getting your material out to the millions of viewers around the world so that you can get feedback on your script.  By taking the suggestions of some of

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  • Great Journeys

    In a previous post, Great Beginnings, we talked about how to grab the attention of the judges.   While it is important to capture our attention, you need to keep it through the longest part of the screenplay; the Second Act.

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  • Great Beginnings 2/2

    In our last post, we established the basic rule for setting up the beginning of your screenplay.  However, think of these as rules that will not only help you formulate a great script, but will help you promote your screenplay

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  • Great Beginnings 1/1

    So you got an email back from a recent screenwriting contest.  It thanks you for entering but sadly, your script didn’t make it to the next round.  After the initial dejection fades away, you begins wondering;  Why didn’t

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  • Characters: Why Everybody Loves Them (when they’re great!) 2/2

    In our last post, we discussed four questions you need to ask yourself when you are writing characters.  Now, we’ll finish out the process for helping you create some fantastic characters to put into your script. There’s

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  • Characters: Why Everybody Loves Them (when they’re great!) 1/2

    You’ve got your idea for the next great screenplay, you’ve finished your outline and the first several scenes are on paper, but you just can’t find the voice of your characters.  How do you begin to flesh them out?  Why

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  • Writing For the Market

    Your mind is bursting with great ideas and you can’t wait to type those precious words,  Fade In, so you may begin your new journey, the writing of your next screenplay!  But what to write?  How do you go about developing

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